Wow! What an amazing opportunity.  Honoured and thrilled to have my artwork chosen by Matt and Elise to be part of their amazing Living/Dining space on this year's series of the The Block. 

How it happened
I had literally just stepped out of the shower one morning after coming home from the gym when my phone rang!I don’t normally answer calls from numbers I don’t know…but for some reason I did this day.

It was Nancy from Art Lovers Australia with an exciting opportunity for me if I could get my artwork to Melbourne by the next day.While I rang couriers and brain stormed transport for my artwork, my Dad just happened to be over visiting and volunteered at once to drive my paintings over to Melbourne.(Thanks Dad)

Once delivery was confirmed the rest of the day was spent patiently waiting to see if my painting was actually selected.About 3pm I got the call to say that my work had been chosen and it was all go from there. How exciting!

It was packed, wrapped and delivered to my parents place by that evening and they set off on a road trip to Melbourne early next morning. It was hand delivered to Norm by my Dad just after lunch and good old Dad even got some camera time as they filmed him handing over the painting.

Such a fantastic opportunity and Im so honoured to have my work chosen.Thanks so much to my fantastic parents who made it possible and of course to Art Lovers Australia for all the great advice and assistance they gave throughout the whole experience and of course to my family and friends for their constant encouragement and support.

Block image

Limited edition prints of Warm Nights in Paradise as seen on this season of The Block are available now from The Block Shop in two different sizes.


The Block Warm Night


If you would like to see my work up close and personal - I currently have Artwork on display and for sale at the following locations:  


Physio Xtra at Seaford 

6/44 Robinson Road, Seaford Heights, SA 5169


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